Random Drawing Times 11am - 11pm.

Win Up to 10 Cash Prizes!

Earn Entries Weekly - 500 Cumulative Points per Entry. Start Earning Entries for the February 1, 2 & 3 Drawings on Monday January 28th.

Start With 2 Cash Balls, If Player Misses Both Balls the Game is Over.

If One Ball is Made, Player Continues to Throw Cash Balls Until Cash Cup is Missed.

Player Wins Cash Amount Corresponding with Cash Cup.

Can Win Up to 10 Cash Amounts if All 10 Balls Make It Into Cash Cups Without Missing.

Game Over Once Player Misses.

Cash Cups Start in a Triangle and Each Made Cash Cup is Removed.

Drawing Drum is Cleared at the Conclusion of Each Sunday Night’s Drawings.

Players Can Win During Consecutive Drawing Times.

Can Only Win Once per Drawing Time.